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  • trying to get in to cargo van (sprinter Brand new ) business, can you tell me please is there any money to make.
    Thank You
    I am looking at doing this I live in Raleigh NC could you please call me I iget free cell to cell here is My # 919 796-3304 or I could call you if you like. E-Mail at @ Thank you for your time.
    Saw a couple of posts from you . 1st , could you please e mail pics of the interior of your van . Heard that it is pretty awesome !! 2nd thing is , is it true that in real dollars - you actually make more $ in a van than in a semi ??
    Was looking at one of your posts about "sleeper inside box". I'm looking to expand the fleet and have been experimenting with the "sleeper inside box" concept. Isn't a very popular concept, but I think it would cut down the cost and increase payload. Look forward to hearing about your experience. Email or call/text 937-529-9432 ANYTIME!
    Could you please send me pics of your van along with the e track . My e mail address is . THANK YOU very much !! Jeff
    hi,i noticed your comment on going from truck to van..i was straight truck owner w/tristate in 2000-2003 quit to save marrage,divorced now and thinking of a retry in van or sprinter..any sugestions,,thanks eddie
    Thanks for the info on the in-box sleeper! What you did is alot like what I'm planning on doing. I was wondering if you have any pictures of the truck you did this to. If so, my email is Thanks again!
    Hi. Got my authority and going to do some work with landstar. Saw your post and they seem like real good folks to deal with. Any info you can share about them would be appreciated.
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