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  • Hello, I've been anticipating my move into expediting for a year or so now and right now I'm weighing the choices of buying my own van or driving for someone else first. I've seen a lot of posts from you and you seem like you have your stuff together and know the industry.
    I'm wondering if you are looking for any drivers right now and if not do you think this is a good time to enter the market in my own van? From what I'm reading things seem to be picking up pretty well.


    I was thinking about going into expediting..have about 3 years with CDLA tractor with 53 foot trailers. Im looking at Panther and Express-1.. I wanted to buy a nice straight truck with sleeper. I was wondering how much the straight truck with sleepers are making a week?...I work hard and stay out for weeks at a time...so figure I will be working hard..not being too lazy... Im just wondering if its worth going the expedite route or buying a tractor and trailer..you said to email you for $ on this
    what is the worse and the best $$ per week or per month profits
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