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Ad Valorem ??


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I;m from Georgia.I had a straight truck leased with Panther .I used their IRP plate .OH plate.I was under Panther DOT. I sold the truck in GA .When the new owner wanted to register the truck the MVD officer said that I did not paid the AD VALOREM taxes in GA . My question is ,if this taxes was included in my OH apportioned registration. Thank you for any input.


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I think that all comes out of the mileage driven, no the plate registration. Contact Panther and get a copy of your IRP mileage and see if they paid it. IF not ask them how they are going to pay it.


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The mileage with regards to Panther should be paid by them via the fuel tax. The rest of it should be tax exempt because it was used commercially. May require a copy of the lease and your SS#. If the person making the purchase will use it commercially, he will be tax exempt as well. If privately, he will be responsible for the sales tax based on the purchase price.
For your specific situation, this may help.
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