hino trucks

  1. Z

    Hino rear main seal

    hi guys have a 2008 hino fg engine has been pulled out as rear main seal is gone wanted to take bellhousing of to replace the seal properly and remove it but the head is bolted to top of housing and dont really want to remove it just for the 2 bolts is their any other way to replace this seal...
  2. J

    2008 268A NO HIGH BEAM

    Have put in new fusebox, harnesses and both headlights but still the high-beams don't come on. it had 2 codes before it went to the shop; P200 & P1676. Any help out there we be appreciated.
  3. Adam smolinski

    Hino service question

    I am brand new to truck driving and getting trucks repaired. My question really is at what mileages or when should i take my 2008 hino truck in to get serviced? Also should i take them to a hino dealership or is there a better place to take them?
  4. J

    Issues with getting an ELD for 2007 Hino or older

    I own and drive a 2007 Hino Expediter straight truck. After trying numerous times to have the ELD installed in my truck, I was told that the 2007 Hino has a fuel injected control module not an ECM module and therefore is not compatible with any of the current ELDs on the market. Has anyone else...
  5. spongebox1

    Hino turbo

    Anyone have a turbo go out on a hino 338 ? If so what was the rough cost and timeframe involved in the replacement? Sent from my VS910 4G using EO Forums mobile app