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Hino service question

Adam smolinski

New Recruit
I am brand new to truck driving and getting trucks repaired. My question really is at what mileages or when should i take my 2008 hino truck in to get serviced? Also should i take them to a hino dealership or is there a better place to take them?


Staff member
The most vulnerable parts of a 2008 Hino, in my opinion, are the turbo and injectors. The health of both are critical for DPF longevity.

About all you can do about the injectors is to change the fuel filter frequently and buy clean fuel. Fuel in the Northeast is fairly dirty (and expensive) so I'd fuel up elsewhere.

For the turbo, clean oil is very important, and boost leaks cannot be tolerated.

Hino's maintenance schedule, in my opinion, is overly optimistic. If it were my money, I'd change the oil and fuel filter every 10k, and I'd put an air filter in it annually. I'd also retrofit the crankcase breather with the filter and cap from a 2011-up truck to keep oil out of the intake.
A valve adjustment is recommended every 50k. No one ever gets this done on time.

Every 200k (or 250, I don't remember), a reminder on the dash should pop up for DPR maintenance. This involves replacing both DPR temp sensors, adjusting the exhaust brake, and sending the Dpf out and having it baked. No one ever does this either. At least do the sensors, they do fail. The exhaust brake adjustment will drift over time, too.
If I drove where it was very cold, I'd replace the air dryer dessicant filter annually, right before the weather got cold.

Don't ignore the check engine light. This isn't an old DT466.

Most of the regular maintenance can be done at any shop. For actual diagnosis and DPR maintenance, I'd take it to a dealer.

You should call a dealer and give them the VIN. Quite a few recalls and software updates have been done on these, and you want everything done.

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I have an 2007, I change the oil and filter 10K-12K. I grease it Quarterly. Change the fuel filter every other oil change. Change the air filter 50K-60K. Change the Tranny filters the same (50-60K). Change the air dryer filter every other year. Replace the shocks every 80K.