1. Elitemgmt

    Carrier vehicle requirements

    Hi, I'm looking for carriers that will accept a vehicle (cargo van) made within the last ten years. If you do, what other requirements must the vehicle meet? If you do not, what vehicle requirements does your company have? I am looking to expedite, but not be on the road longer than two weeks...
  2. Elitemgmt

    Flexibility when working for a carrier

    Greetings, I explored this business model a few years ago and ended up moving on to something else. I want to have the freedom to work my own hours (have my own authority) because I have restrictions in my schedule (some weeks I can work 20 hours and some I can work 40 or 40 plus). My schedule...
  3. D


    I've recently lost one of the best dispatchers I've ever worked with due to the war in Ukraine. Supposedly he was from Ukraine and he went back home to support his country. Any suggestions?
  4. mknt201

    need direction/input on starting 26ft straight box truck business (non cdl)

    Hello, hope everyone had a great holiday. Happy New Year to all of you, and your family. My name is Nick. I would like to get some suggestions, input, opinion on starting at 26ft non-cdl straight box truck business. I have the following questions and concerns: 1. is it better to start out...
  5. C

    CH Robinson Expending Division

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forums, so please bear with me. We are a small expediting carrier based in Chicago land and wanted to ask how to get access to CH Robinson Expedited loads? I can see that they get posted on Sylectus but does anybody have some contact info for their expediting...
  6. M

    Small Brokers not listed on Expeditersonline

    Hi, I want to compile a list of known small expedited brokers that are not usually advertised here on this site. The only one I know is Barrett Directline. Any input would be an aide to everyone. Thanks