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  1. tseders93

    Looking to get back into the business

    I got my CDL with a big company in April 2015 and got into an accident in November 2015. After being let go I went to Panther (Jan 2016 - June 2016) and ran for a great fleet owner that didn't bother me. I took my loads, got the truck serviced, etc... with no issues. Things were going great as...
  2. tseders93

    500 Pilot Points

    Sorry turtle lol
  3. tseders93

    Hey--------Post your hometown data.

    Sparta IL
  4. tseders93

    10 speed automatic!?

    Seems like it'll be spending more time searching for a gear than anythjng
  5. tseders93

    why is XPO expedite so dead

    Big kitty feels dead as well
  6. tseders93

    Qualcomm not workin/chevy express

    Replaced all the splices with one piece of wire and replaced the fuse. All is well now
  7. tseders93

    Qualcomm not workin/chevy express

    Yeah b+ had power. It was the install. Power wire for qc was as follows Red Splice Yellow Splice Black Broken splice Yellow Splice QC
  8. tseders93

    Qualcomm not workin/chevy express

    Sorry if new thread for no reason.. Searrched forums and coulsnt find anything related. 2013 Chevy express Qualcomm is hooked up via battery positive under driver seat, and it stopped working at (roughly) the same time as the radio not for sure if they are related. Anywho, i checked the...
  9. tseders93

    Who needs a Sprinter?

    I'd grab a step truck before that
  10. tseders93

    Cargo Van Class C in IL

    Pass endorsement was my recommendation as he is strapped for cash and cant wait for ghe 30 day background check
  11. tseders93

    Cargo Van Class C in IL

    Im not a n00b, however a friend of mine is looking to get his CDL-C with pass endorsement to team with me at panther, he went to take his written exam today and he said they had coupling questions (fifth wheel, etc..) aand other questions unrelated to the class at hand. My question is, is this...
  12. tseders93

    Cargo Van 2013 Chevy Express Clicking

    Sorry for super late rwply, engine is 4.8 gasserr w 250k miles Oil pressure consistently reading 20lbs at hwy speed and 10psi idle for past 8k miles Will check in morning on exhaust manifold. As far as oil pressuree my thoughts are pump. Calls for 5w30 and thats what im running
  13. tseders93

    January 2016 locations

    an american owned Super 8? Forget OVM weekend luck, you scored the jackpot!
  14. tseders93

    Cargo Van 2013 Chevy Express Clicking

    OIl change approx 500 mi ago, oil pressure dropped off to 0 in a second flat. stopped immediatly. sat overnight waiting to call fleet owner, started next morning to 40 psi oil pressure (normal from what i'm used to) was told to drive ~15 miles to shop to see if sender unit was working was...
  15. tseders93

    bmv record question

    Illinois we have "court supervision" which is basically, if you don't screw up for a year, the ticket won't show up on your record. And due to the "I don't recall" thing in court, I managed to slip out of having two speeding tickets within 1 year. Randolph county in IL doesn't report to...