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    6.0 Powerstroke Good-Bad-whatever?

    In late 2003 - early 04 Ford had some issues with this engine...many of which led to the split and the fact that Ford is now using their new product ( 6.7 ) in the Super Duty series for 2011.... Many of the issues were related to not changing oil often enough ( IMHO ) as Ford had given owners...
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    Cruise Control

    Bangharts (randy) in West Chester, PA.....(outside Philly) Did lots of Chevy and GMC units when I was selling...they know ho to do Power Windows and Locks as well.... Good Guys....good luck
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    2011 Nissan NV

    Thanks everyone for you input... I am wondering the "future" of the Sprinter in the same context as Nissan stepping into the marketplace..... The MBUSA folks in Montvale,NJ are "running the show" on the Sprinter in the US now...but what of the support structure with partnering with...
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    2011 Nissan NV

    Has anyone seen it yet ???? Announced @ NTEA last week...on sale in the fall 3 models (1500,2500HD, 3500HD) and 2 height sizes (55 and 74) V-6 or big V-8..... Driver comforts...all lot of um Nissan Commercial Vehicle NV Lineup Watch the announcement video Look like it will be expedite...
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    Ads for non-CDL Drivers

    Hey thanks for the info... I'm about to take my test for CDL anyway...thought I'd ask..... How is the climate out there...getting warmer or still cold (load wise )....????
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    Ads for non-CDL Drivers

    Are they legit...can you drive a straight truck or even a cargo van without a CDL ??? If so is anyone running that way that cares to discuss ??? Thanks, Tazman
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    E-Track install

    Try Blazier's Truck Equipment( I think that's how you spell it) I actually met them last year on my way back from picking up a truck in Nashville.... They seemed like good folks.... Frank In Pa. "The Beast in the East"
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    Straight Truck Leases Available - Where can I fin

    RE: Straight Truck Leases Available - Where can I Hi, I'm curious...The bank's business lease... Would you mind sharing how it is structured ???? Is it a closed end or open ended lease ???? Did you negotiate the terms and the residual at end ???? Nothing down is not abnornal...however the 1st...
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    Crew Cab GMC W4500

    Hi, The W-series Crew Cab ( GMC-Isuzu-Chevy) come in 2 sizes... a 4500 @14,500GVWR and a 5500 @17,950 GVWR..both can support a 16' Dry freight box....(max) The 4500 (Isuzu badge NPR-HD) will have 16" rims The 5500 ( Isuzu badge NQR) will have 19.5" rims.. Both trucks have a I-4 turbocharged...
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    Wind Deflector

    HOw about a nosecone on the box instead ( That might be a little cheaper and the weigh less ???? Frank In Pa. "The Beast in the East"
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    van buyers

    Hey, It's "all good" info.... Frank In Pa. "The Beast in the East":D
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    van buyers

    Hi, The website says they are advertise as "one of" the largest.... Could mean of the "10 largest" or one of the "1000 largest".... In this business, being the "largest" just gives you bragging rights... Doesn't always help the customer or the price... Thanks for sharing the info ...though...
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    2007 Diesels

    Hi, I think you are asking 2 questions ??? #1 - The 2007 trucks (diesel compliant for emissions) are not being delivered from dealers as yet (at least not in the Class 3-7 units I sell)... #2 - You are referring to the ULSD (effective 10/15/2006) I believe that many locations are now pumping...
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    the art of sitting still

    I think he is talking about the Forex or commodity futures (you know pork bellies, orange juice, sugar etc.) market... If catch a late night may pick up a few "buzzwords" too.... He probably just came back from the seminar.....all "juiced up" (ha! Ha!) Frank in Pa. "The...
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    moving truck

    Hi, If you are buying the truck from a dealer...ask for a " temporary transit plate" to get the truck to Idaho..... You cannot haul commercially ...but you will have about 30 days to get home.... If you are buying from a private will need to go to state registration office or an...