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The Top 7 EO Articles for 2017

By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted Jan 22nd 2018 9:00AM

A common trait of successful expediters is that they’ve developed the habit of being "students of the business," constantly looking to upgrade their knowledge and skills. And one of the resources they turn to for industry news and education is (EO).

So, what were the most-read articles on EO this past year? What were the most popular topics for expediters? Here are the top seven EO articles in 2017.

#1. The Decisions Involved with Building a Customized Expediter Truck
A new expediter straight truck is a big six-figure investment. And considering that there are dozens of options you need to think through for each section of the vehicle—from the cab and chassis, to the custom sleeper, to the truck body—buying a new truck can be an overwhelming task for even veteran expediters. So, EO spoke with long-time expedite owner-operators Bob and Linda Caffee who have bought a few trucks in their career to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their truck decision-making process. What changes did the Caffees make from their previous truck? Why did they make those changes? What do they plan to do differently for their next truck? Here's their story.
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#2. The Expediter Lifestyle: What Makes It Different from Over-the-Road?
If you’ve been an over-the-road (OTR) driver for a few years now or are curious about whether expedited trucking offers the career growth opportunity you’ve been looking for, you likely have several questions as you evaluate which segment of the trucking business is right for you. What exactly makes expedited trucking different from OTR? And what should you expect from the expedite life? This article breaks down the five key differences to consider as you determine whether the expedite lifestyle fits you—and your family.
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#3. What Expedite Owner-Operators Should Know About Their Compensation Plan
When it comes to your pay plan, ignorance is not bliss. That’s because the compensation plan you agree to with your trucking carrier not only sets the "rules of the road" for how you'll make money with your truck but also impacts how much money you get to keep. So, how do ensure you've covered all your bases? What should you know about your pay plan before you sign on—so you’re not blindsided by unpleasant surprises? Here are five factors to consider.
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#4. Expedited Trucking: 2017 Market Forecast
Early 2017, we asked three industry experts to peer into their crystal ball and share what they could see would happen in the year ahead. What were the key trends to watch in expedited trucking in 2017? What direction did they think the expedite market would be heading? So … How did they do with their predictions? You be the judge.
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#5. Preparing Your Finances to Buy a New Truck
A new expedite straight truck can cost anywhere from $170,000 to over $200,000, depending on the "bells and whistles" you put on it. That's a big investment—and risk—especially if you're new to the expedited trucking business. So, how can you prepare to buy a new truck in way that reduces your risk and puts your business in the best position to succeed? Use this four-point checklist as a guide.
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#6. The (Untraditional) Road to Fleet Owner Success
One of the fastest growing segments in expedited trucking right now is the small fleet owner—expediters who own 2 to (in some cases) over 40 trucks. That’s why EO has expanded its coverage to include more stories for and about fleet owners. And as you read these stories, you’ll discover that there is often a typical path an expediter takes from newbie driver, to owner-operator, to fleet owner. But Korey Walper’s story is different. He has built an expedited fleet of over 30 trucks by taking a more unconventional path to success.
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#7. 4 Mobile Apps to Help Expediters Maximize Productivity and Profit
When it comes to running your own business as an expediter, even the smallest things can add up to big efficiencies and cost-savings. But how do you uncover those opportunities so that you can capitalize on them? That’s where smartphone apps can help. Here are four apps that can empower you to run your business more efficiently and effectively, while making your life easier when you’re away from home.
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