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4 Mobile Apps to Help Expediters Maximize Productivity and Profit

By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
Posted Oct 2nd 2017 11:42AM

When it comes to running your own business as an expediter, even the smallest things can add up to big efficiencies and cost-savings.

The challenge is being able to find those opportunities so that you can capitalize on them. And that’s where smartphone apps can help.

So, here are four apps that can empower you to run your business more efficiently and effectively, while making your life easier when you’re away from home.

Trucker Path
Cost: Free

How can you eliminate unproductive stops--and improve your quality of life--while on the road?

That’s what the Trucker Path app promises to do. It’s a trip planning companion for truck drivers that enables a large community of drivers to help update the real-time status of places on their route. Find truck stops, available parking, rest areas, open/closed weigh stations, and truck wash locations (including Blue Beacon and independent wash stations). Also compare fuel prices to save time and money.

TruckSmart App
Cost: Free

This app is tailored to TravelCenters of America (TA) and Petro customers to help you get more done in less time at their locations. Some of the app’s features include:

  • Reserve-It Parking Reservations. Reserve a parking space for any location, any time, up to 30 days in advance.
  • In-Bay Service Request. Submit a work order to any TA Truck Service facility between 2 and 24 hours of arriving. This way, you’ll be placed in the queue for a shorter wait time when you arrive.
  • Instant Shower. Purchase a shower with UltraONE Points or shower credits and get in the shower queue at locations within 50 miles. Receive an email when your shower’s ready, with no need to stand in line at the kiosk.

You also gain instant access to real-time prices on diesel, bulk DEF and LNG fuel and to the complete list of amenities at the TravelCenters/Petro sites, including services, restaurants, showers, parking.

Cost: Basic account--free; premium account--$4.99 per month; business (multi-user) account--$6.99 per month

The idea here is to convert your smartphone into a compact scanner that you can use to digitize important receipts and other important paperwork while you’re in your truck.

In addition to performing your standard type of scanning tasks, the CamScanner app also offers these features that might be useful to you:

  • Share PDF/JPEG files. Share documents in PDF or JPEG format with others via social media, email attachment or sending the doc link.
  • AirPrint & fax documents. Print out docs in CamScanner with nearby printer via AirPrint; fax documents to over 30 countries directly from the app.
  • Collaborate. Invite friends or colleagues to view and comment on your scans in a group.
  • Secure important documents. Set passcode for viewing important docs.
  • Sync across platforms. Sign up to sync documents on the go. Sign in to any smartphone, tablet or computer (from the CamScanner website) you own, and you can view, edit and share any document.

Cost: Free

How can you get an accurate “lay-of-the-land” of pickup and dropoff locations before you arrive?

That’s what Dock411 has been designed to do. It’s a mobile app that helps you know what to expect at shipping facilities, including details on yard hazards, whether pets are allowed, if Wi-Fi is available, if there’s the ability to park overnight, and up to thirty-five other items. And since the information is “crowdsourced,” you can add details about your own experience at that facility to help other drivers.

Here’s how it works. Open the app and Enter the Bill of Lading address of your next stop. Choose the correct address from the locations listed. Dock411 shows you information other drivers have already entered, including ratings, business hours, directions, wait times, accommodations, photos, a satellite map location and over 40 other dock attributes. Then hit “Update” at the top of the screen to record your own experience.

What Apps Do You Use?
What apps do you find helpful when you’re out on the road?

Share your ideas with the EO community in the comments below!


1 Comment

  • - October 2, 2017
    All great apps. Especially Dock411! You can checkout FreightTracer as well if you own a small fleet of trucks. Enjoy!

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