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Jabez Expediting and Logistics

By Staff Writer
Posted Jan 16th 2013 11:11AM

"Our goal is to be the best, not the biggest," says Bob Hardy, Business Development officer at Jabez Expediting and Logistics.  That simple philosophy has driven the company since its inception in June of 2006.  "Jabez delivers world class service to our clients by; doing our best, working with the best and expecting the best.  Anything less is not a satisfactory outcome and Jabez works tirelessly to ensure every load is delivered on time. 

The mission for our driving partners is a simple one: if you can’t be on time... be early!  Jabez stands out by believing that 'It’s not what happens to you in life; it's how you handle it that shows your character and dictates how others will perceive you.'"

Jabez's beginning as an expediting company began similarly to many other companies in the industry; the owner, Danny Roop, was an over-the-road driver for nine years with other companies and saw an opportunity to open his own business as an expediter.  "Danny started with a straight truck and built up to owning four straight trucks and operated out of his home," Mr. Hardy says.  "As the shipping market tightened up in 2008 through 2009, Danny saw it as an opportunity to show clients (third-party logistics firms, brokers, freight forwarders, transportation companies, manufacturing companies and other expediters) that he could expedite as well as the big companies, but with lower overhead and expenses, at a considerable savings to our clients.  After assembling a team of experienced dispatchers, a professional with business development experience, and an assistant with a logistics degree, Jabez has grown threefold since September 2008, moved into a new business park and made Jabez a 24/7, 365 operation."

The company owns over half their fleet, which is made up of  straight trucks and Sprinter vans.  They are trying to expand their reach by "utilizing owner operator sprinter vans, straight trucks and tractors with team drivers.  We have recently partnered with Expediters to assist us in our growth plans. We are also in the process of obtaining TSA IAC certification which will offer us more load opportunities."

While they're pushing for growth, it's not necessarily all about that for Jabez Expediting--it's about simply being great at what they do.  This sentiment is something they try to get in every facet of their work, from client services to how they treat their drivers.  "Jabez refers to the people with whom it does business as clients, not customers.  Customers are sold things; clients receive service.  Which way would you would prefer to be treated?  Also, we refer to our drivers as our partners and they are empowered by receiving respect, support, and rewards."

Just as important as the mission itself is how prepared Jabez is to handle it--and they are.  "Most important are our proven and experienced expedite drivers and their commitment to our mission to be the best.  Danny’s years of OTR experience gives him a unique perspective into life on the road and what the drivers are facing in this competitive niche of shipping.  This insight gives him an understanding of the must do, can and can’t do, and services a company must provide, not just to stay in business, but to stand out."  Mr. Hardy adds, "A good company with bad drivers is a bad company.  A bad company with good drivers is still a bad company. Jabez is a better company for better drivers.”

As for the future, Jabez Expediting and Logistics looks to take their mission into continuing the pattern of growth they've seen over the last couple years, and they've got a specific plan to make this happen.  "Our focus for 2013 is expanding our fleet to include sprinter vans, straight trucks, 48’ and 53’ tractor trailers, temperature controlled trucks, and flat beds with team drivers."  As for expanding their client base, Mr. Hardy says, "It’s not new business that’s important, it’s the business that we already have.  Take care of them and new business will come."

Jabez Expediting and Logistics offers their drivers:
An all-in per-mile rate based on truck size Standard fees for driver assist, lift gate, additional pickups and drop-offs, dry runs, as well as NYC and Canada deliveries An excellent network of drivers, dispatch, support staff and technology A company with one simple goal: to be the best expediter in the business.
Jabez requirements for applying drivers are:
Good driving history Good record in expediting industry Solid communication skills 2000 or newer equipment in above average condition that will pass a DOT and company inspection.
Jabez Expediting and Logistics
6767 Jubilee Center Way
Suite # 104
Knoxville, TN 37912
Phone: 865-938-5888 Fax: 865-938-9898
Toll Free: 1-888-OKJABEZ (655-2239)

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