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Fuel for Thought

  • The Weekend Report

    By Eric
    Posted Aug 3rd 2013 7:34AM
    I missed most of the Expo, but the end of month freight helped fill out the month.
  • Don’t Panic

    By Eric
    Posted Aug 1st 2013 2:35PM
    Just when I think I have things running smoothly…
  • Bunk 4.1

    By Eric
    Posted Jul 25th 2013 3:06PM
    It didn’t take long for an upgrade of bunk 4.0.
  • Where Will You Be Next Week?

    By Eric
    Posted Jul 19th 2013 7:59AM
    One week until Expedite Expo 2013 in Wilmington, Ohio.
  • Sitting In Laredo

    By Eric
    Posted Jul 18th 2013 2:58PM
    If I had to sit in Laredo in the summer, this was the week to do it.