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  • Truck Technology Takes the Stage at the Consumer Electronics Show
    By Jack Roberts
    Posted Jan 11th 2018 11:11AM
    If you need any more evidence that technology is moving into commercial vehicles at astonishing speed, look no further than the CES consumer electronics show this week in Las Vegas.
  • Trump Signs Bills to Help Veterans Become Drivers, Curb Human Trafficking
    By Carol Hill
    Posted Jan 10th 2018 12:06PM
    President Donald Trump signed into law two bills that affect the trucking industry: the Jobs for Our Heroes Act, which helps veterans to become medically certified for commercial driving; and the No Human Trafficking on Our Roads Act, which bans drivers who are involved in human trafficking from commercially driving for life.

  • Diesel Climbs Again, Rises 2.3¢ to $2.996 a Gallon
    By Carol Hill
    Posted Jan 9th 2018 1:28PM
    The U.S. average retail price for diesel jumped 2.3 cents to $2.996 cents a gallon, while crude hovered near $62 a barrel amid political tensions in Iran and a decline in active U.S. oil wells.
  • OOIDA’s Jim Johnston Dies at 78
    By Carol Hill
    Posted Jan 9th 2018 12:43PM
    Jim Johnston, one of the founders and the long-serving leader of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, has died at age 78 after more than a year-long battle with lung cancer.
  • Mercedes-Benz Reports Record Van Sales; Teases Rollout of Next Sprinter
    By David Cullen
    Posted Jan 8th 2018 10:59AM
    Stuttgart, Germany-based Mercedes-Benz Vans has announced it set a new record for unit sales in 2017 and for the first time passed the 40,000-vehicles sold mark. The division also again gave a taste of what its next-generation Sprinter will offer.
  • Will the Future of Trucking Be All-Electric? 3 Developments to Watch in 2018
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Jan 8th 2018 9:24AM
      The latest headlines give an impression that trucking—and the automotive industry as a whole—is on the fast-track to full electrification. Take...
  • 2018 trucks
    3 New Developments in Expediter Trucks and Vans for 2018
    By Sean M. Lyden - Satff Writer
    Posted Jan 2nd 2018 9:00AM
    Whether you’re an expedite owner-operator or fleet owner, your goals are similar when it comes to acquiring a new truck or van: Purchase a vehicle ...
  • Tesla's Musk 'Dying to Build' Electric Pickup
    Posted Dec 28th 2017 11:34AM
    Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is promising to produce a battery-electric pickup truck in the near future as the latest entry in his growing lineup of veh...
  • Retailers Balance Post-Holiday Returns Between In-Store and 3PL Options
    By Ari Ashe, Staff Reporter - Transport Topics
    Posted Dec 27th 2017 12:37PM
    In November and December, online shoppers surfed their favorite websites and sent holiday gifts to the front doors of homes nationwide. In January, th...
  • Setting Goals for a Successful 2018
    By Sean M. Lyden - Staff Writer
    Posted Dec 26th 2017 9:27AM
    As we enter the new year, this is the time many of us spend reflecting on the past 12 months, thinking about lessons learned, things we can improve, ...