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Top Trucking Forums 2023

By Brandon Baxter - Staff Writer
Posted Dec 4th 2023 8:00AM

Online trucking forums are a great place for career truck drivers, and potential newcomers to the industry, to converse with others in an effort to share information. After all, that’s why the internet was invented. Right? These forums are commonly used for asking questions, finding answers, and discussing industry news and topics. If you’re looking for a place where you can directly communicate with trucking professionals, then check out this list of insightful forums.

Let’s begin with some shameless self-promotion, yes?! is best known as the leading website catering specifically to the expedite trucking industry. It’s been referred to as the digital watercooler of the expedite industry, a place where expediters and those who work within this niche business can come and discuss all kinds of topics. Established over 20 years ago, EO’s forum allows you to see what's new, what members are currently active on the website, and how long ago a message was added to a specific thread or topic. If you’re looking to get into expediting, or if you’re already an expediter, this is THE perfect place for you to learn and stay up to date with all things pertaining to the expedite industry.

Class A Drivers

The Class A Drivers forum is unique because it informs you of how many users are currently active and online, including which forum and what sub-category they are currently viewing. Nothing like real-time interactions, right?! This enables you to access an active thread, contribute comments of your own, and quickly receive a response. The sub-categories also have short descriptions so you can easily identify what the discussion is about.

Truckers Report

The Truckers Report forum has a lot of categories to choose from including Owner Operators, Trucking Tools, Good & Bad Trucking Companies, and Trucking Industry. The forum allows you to see the title of the most recent posts, who was the most recent poster, and when the most recent post had been submitted. Many of the categories have new posts being added regularly, making this forum one that seems to evolve and adapt with the overall trucking industry.

TEAM Run Smart

TEAM Run Smart is a 69,132-member website that’s broken down into four main categories: TRUCK Smart, BUSINESS Smart, LIVE Smart, and CAREER Smart. Within each of these categories are subcategories that delve into more specific topics and discussions. The website allows you to easily search topics that you might be interested in, and most of the blog posts and videos are produced by the TEAM Run Smart Pros! Members are encouraged to discuss blog topics in the comments of the website, or on TEAM Run Smart’s social media channels like Facebook and YouTube. A TEAM Run Smart membership is free and includes a weekly newsletter with valuable tips, news and insight for trucking professionals.

So, if you’re a newbie to the trucking industry or simply someone who needs to have their trucking curiosity satiated, check out these forums that the internet was obviously built for. But I suggest starting with ExpeditersOnline, first.