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Would I fit in as an expediter? (Long post)


Rookie Expediter

So, I'm considering getting into expediting. I'm twenty-five years old and have no family that depends on me and zero payments or bills to pay off. I have a class A CDL with a passenger endorsement. I have experience driving a paratransit bus and a seventy-three foot tractor-trailer with a reefer unit on the back of it. I have a spotless driving record and no criminal record. I am in California, so I would understand if I would have to stay out 3-4 months at a time.

I went to truck school for a month and was with a trainer for a month, hauling frozen goods on a dedicated Walmart account. I hated it! I ran hard and used my clock up almost everyday, only getting my 34 hour resets as downtime. I had no home time for those 2 months, but that didn't bother me.

I quit driving for some time, only to have an interest sparked in trying out bus driving. I obtained my passenger endorsement and VDDP, which allowed me to transport special needs clients as a paratransit driver. This only lasted about month aswell, due to low pay and having a split shift that required a total of 4 hours of commuting time.

I was curious if expediting would be a good fit for me. I ask this because the last two driving jobs that I had, I quit for very similiar reasons, a lack of downtime. In both situations, I was working at least twelve hours per day. I thought I might like expedited, because of the extra downtime. I had a few buddies who would get to sit a few days at the terminal or at a truck stop, and I was quite jealous of that.

Any advice would be welcome and any questions, feel free to ask them. Thanks for taking the time to read, driver.


Expert Expediter
Any advice would be welcome and any questions, feel free to ask them. Thanks for taking the time to read, driver.
I have been on the road only a few months, so take what I say and ask with a grain of salt.
What do you want out of life? Are you only wanting to stack $, or are you willing to make a little less $ to enjoy life more?

I chose with van expediting because I do not have wife or kids and my bills are low. I am able to save money in probably the lowest paying situation possible in expediting. I like that I can drive downtown to a movie theatre, can go through a McDonalds drive thru, and frankly, can go anywhere any normal sized vehicle can go on my down time.
It seems to me A Class and Straight Trucks are married to the Truck Stops and that really turns me from doing either, though I have Class B CDL. I get paid to travel, love that. I meet up with friends and family that live across the country. When I get tired, I take home time for a week, which is enough time for me to want to leave again.

There are things I miss, game night and party night with friends, sleeping at night, lol, and playing in a band are a few examples of things that I can no longer do.

So, really, it seems you are looking for a match to your life, and only you can really answer that.


New Recruit
Not sure who Expediting is a good job for but personally I love it and I have my Wife and our dog along with me so we basically get paid to travel. Extra downtime is not a perk for me but again that is just me!

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