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Who work or has worked for Expediter Service within 18 months ?


Expert Expediter
As a team with Fed-Ex CC. The money is never steady in Expediting. I made 20% of the load. There trucks are newer and if I ever needed something for the truck I made a phone call and it was handled. The trucks have pre-pass and ez-pass in them. I was with them last year.
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Staff member
For teams - who don't yet own their own trucks. Expediter Services is a solid choice. It's a great way to learn the business + they do help hard working teams generate solid revenue. I've also reviewed their PTO (Path to Ownership) program and it is by far, the single best way to purchase a Class A Expediter Truck with those who need a little help i.e. down payment, credit score etc. There are many "Lease Purchase Programs" in the trucking industry that are best to walk away from. This isn't one of them. Plus you get to pick which carrier you want to run for.