expediter services

  1. Hustelandflow

    I may get hate for questions/comment but wtf

    Ok so I won’t mention the company name because the advertise on here. But I just got off the phone with they recruiter and it for a fedex straight truck. Ok so they said they pay 40% witch is not the problem. They said my wife and I will avg. 850-1150 per week each. so that 1600-2300 together as...
  2. D

    Expediter Services

    I'm curious if anyone has ever leased a straight truck from Expediter Services and became successful?
  3. Lawrence

    Expediter Event: Memphis, TN area

    Expediter Services is hosting their annual EGG (Expediter Group Gathering) in the Greater Memphis, TN area this weekend! The 2016 EGG Agenda – April 15 – 16 If you want to get started in the industry or if you want to purchase an expediter truck - these fold can help you do that. Register...
  4. M. Moy

    Who work or has worked for Expediter Service within 18 months ?

    I'm thinking about team driving for them