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Veteran Expediter
HMMmmmmm, have to disagree with you mjolnir131. We have sit for 3 days with out a load offer. For instance, went in-service Dec 29th. First load offer was Jan 7th. We did not turn any load offer down. Will admit we were home so it did not really matter but if I had been out in the truck I probably would not have been happy. For the most part though what your saying is true! :D

Well yea it's all relative,especially that time a year. I think we got really lucky when we got one on the second of Jan


Seasoned Expediter
I am pretty sure no matter where you were around Christmas and New Years it was pretty slow for a few weeks. Panther boards were full of trucks that went home for the holidays. Many shippers shut down until after new years day. I had trucks in Detroit, Columbus and Sandusky and nothing was offered. Two of them were first outs. Recently I had a solo sit first out on the board in Grapeville PA for four days before deciding to go back to Akron for the weekend. Sure she broke down at the shipper on that Monday, but the truck was fixed within a few hours and she got one offer for 38 miles on the toll road going to downtown Pittsburgh at rush hour. What I have noticed is if you have a break down at any time during the week your week is lost.