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The Power Of One in October


Veteran Expediter
Good morning Load One from the Cracker Barrel. Well it's been a crazy two weeks for me. Flew in and my parents were shock to see me walk in the hospital room. My parents did not want me to come in , instead they wanted me to stay out and keep running.

After I walk in i could tell Pops face lit up and done his best to talk to me. After awhile of being there and telling them whats been going on for the last few days with me they were glad to see me.

Everyone was emotional the first week cause we had a lot of guest and mom was glad and Thankful that I came and Pops agreeed said that I was a good son. That made me cry even more after he said that.

He's doing good as of right now . There working on him everyday and fully believe that he will be back at 100%.

To John Elliott .
My parents and I want to say Thank You for everything you do! This is truly the Best company to work for!