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Stopping the reverse beeping on the transit


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Mine says "Dodge".......

Ovm prefers a Goose ...:p


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I didn't think about insurance company. But ya I remember as a teen some backed out of a parking spot and t-boned me. It was totally her fault and she admitted that to her insurance company. Yet when they talk to me they were asking questions like did I blow my horn before impact. Like they just reaching for something to make me partially liable. I can totally see them saying you disconnect a safety device; your at fault. Think I'll go with big stick advice and make a dead mans switch. After all they gave me these fancy aux switch to do some with. Thanks for the input guys
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our yard is in a residential neighborhood so we have killswitches for the backup beeper. I had them installed in the back near the wiring for the beeper it's self. They're usually connected to the backup-lights circuit so you'd have to run fresh wiring from the dash back to power it separately with a relay. Having the switch back there is fine as usually we don't need to turn it off and hopping out to go disable it isn't too big a hassle a couple times a year.
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