Signing on to carrier as LLC?


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Currently planning out the steps of starting an LLC and driving a 26' box.

Weighing the options of driving for self vs signing on with a carrier.

Can I sign on to a carrier as an LLC, where they use ein instead of social, and issue payment to LLC? Is this a common method?

Likewise, what does a lease include in the agreement? Am I obligated to something more than simply delivering their loads?

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Creating an LLC isn't a bad idea, but If you're the sole proprietor it doesn't make much difference.

Read and lease agreement carefully, but most all reputable companies contain mainly the same things.
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LLC has a particular advantage for my specific situation. It's the only way to go for me. The real questions are whether to go all the way and get DOT and MC #s, or drive for a carrier or my friend with a rented truck, or drive for a fleet owner and not worry about the truck.

Does every carrier work with non-CDL Straight Truck drivers? Would I need the truck to drive for them? Or are there certain carriers that are better for this? Thanks.


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I know your a lot of main carriers will not take 26K with home made sleepers. But you can find them around especially in Chicago (lol) you will have to call some Mom & Pop company to see if they welcome 26K. You should possibly drive for someone for 6 months. This is not a job/career this is a lifestyl, especially if you are going OTR not local
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