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Our Friend John O.


Veteran Expediter
Retired Expediter
My friend John O. left us in 2008. I think about him regularly. John was a worker. He wasn't afraid of work and knew he could do what he set his mind to. He was a smart man. He did his research and carefully considered his options and the likely outcome of each one. He was not a rash man. He took his time to confirm his research and verify his sources. He was also quick to help others and share his knowledge with anyone who requested his input.

John was a hero, as is anyone who serves our nation honorably. He served honorably in the U.S. Navy. Following that John spent another 29 years being a hero, working as a police officer, protecting his community. Even after retiring from these heroic occupations John was still a hero, always being there for anyone who needed him and called on him. John volunteered at a camp for children with cancer. Even when fighting his own cancer, John, the hero, postponed his own treatment to go spend the week at the camp with the kids he enjoyed so much and who so looked forward to his presence.

John had the greatest laugh. When he'd hear a good joke you'd wonder how he kept from breaking something he'd laugh so heartily. He was always quick to share a good joke and a laugh. I don't recall a time of seeing him when he didn't smile at the approach of a friend. I count it one of the pluses of my life that my approach always elicited that smile. I only knew John the last few years of his life but felt an absolute bond of friendship with him. He is the definition of a friend.

I wish the world and our nation had more great men and heroes like John. We'd be far better off. John, my friend, when you aren't busy laughing at some good jokes be sure to glance down here and know you are missed.


Staff member
We were able to meet John several time over the years and always enjoyed his company. Some of his stories would have me laughing so hard my sides would hurt for days. He was really a great guy and always willing to give anyone a helping hand. He is missed