New Driver's proper paperwork and documents for employment

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Hello Everyone!

My first post here.

I might become a driver of a sprinter van for my friend's company, so I wanna learn some stuff about general tips and tricks about it.

His company is succesfuly running for 3 years now (it's LLC) and is registered in different state then owner's and my resident state because of taxes and expenses etc...and the owner said that I might start driving for him ASAP. For now, it will be a trial period of few weeks until we see if we are good fitt for each other.

They offer me to drive routes across country, for which I am very excited! I love open roads :)
Money is not the greatest (I've been told that after gas/miles/tolls are deducted, the money is split 50/50), but it's better then what I am earning now :)
But also, I am happy that I am not fully participating in all headaches of ownership of Van and Biz, so I am very HAPPY for now just to be a driver and drive around and be paid for it :)

My worry is that I have no concept of paperwork and legal aspect of my potential employment, which is a bit silly given the seriousness and difficulty of the job. And that's why I am here, to learn sort of speak...

I don't know if my potential employer is just chill and casual, or he is a scammer, or he just doesn't know WTF is he doing? I trust him, but I wanna make sure all is proper...

So far I only know that it's 1099 job for me, and that I will get paid weekly via ZELLE. And also that he will put me on some sort of insurance, which will cost him less btw 500-800$ a month (which is also deducted from my pay).

But he didn't mentioned not offered any contract btw him and me, nor I've seen any paperwork related to me and the insurance that II will be on.
Is that normal?

My common sense is telling me that, obviously, as a civilian driver, I am responsable as anybody else, as a participant on the road and all duties and benefitts of it apply to me to.
But in this case, I am an employee driver. How does that changes things?

What are my duties and benefitts, responsobilities and things I should be aware of? Especialy in regard to the tricky and dangerous stuff: Something goes off and breaks on the vehicle, cargo is stolen, vehicle is broken into, accident caused by others or me (God forbid). What papeerwork and documents cover my behind and offer me a peace if mind?

What kind of paperwork I need to have in order, before I get stuck with a broken vehicle in the middle of nowhere with millions of dollars worth of cargo, and just then to find out that my employment status is not kosher?!

Any agency or institution that I can contact directly for more info? I tried labor department in my city/state but they were of no help :(

Anyway, this is already a long writing... so I stop here for now! :)

Thanks in advance for any info and input that can educate me!!!


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Hello Everyone!

My first post here.
Welcome, My friend,
Three things you need to clear up before going further.

1. It is customary for the person paying for fuel to receive 60% of a 60/40 split, not 50/50, plus 100 % of any fuel surcharge.

2. If you will be paid on a 1099, you are not an employee, you are an independent contractor, and will be taxed as such.

3. Three.... get a contract!
This contract needs to clearly state what is expected of all parties.

Good luck in your endeavors.