1. J

    Disability Insurance

    Hi All, I was just curious as to what type of disability insurance you all have? I have an agent saying we can do a life and disability bundle. I was wondering if anyone else has similar plans. He said we can do all of it without medical testing nor submitting financials. Does anyone else have...
  2. T

    Canada Sprinter Insurance ( Canada)

    Hello there, I am looking for a new insurance company for my Sprinter. It has been difficult to find a deal in Ontario. Please help if you have recommendations. Thanks!!
  3. S

    Outrageous Insurance Cost

    I have been in the Sami-Truck business for quite a bit now (It's been treating me extremely good). Due to the CDL requirements(Making it hard to find drivers) and an abundant amount of friends who are interested in driving around the country I decided to purchase a box truck (Instead of...
  4. K

    Expeditor Insurance

    My goal is to make it easier for expeditors to buy insurance. I am an insurance agent and this question below will help us better help expeditors buy insurance.
  5. D

    Panther Insurance

    Got a call from my Insurance carrier in Ohio that they can no longer provide the type of insurance required by Panther. Panther states that the insurance requirement has been changed fro Non Trucking Liability to Laden/Unladen. Here is a copy of the email they sent to my agent. "I cannot...
  6. L-POP


    I am an independent contractor, I have my own insurance and deliver goods for a company that receives them at their warehouse from shipper. They want me to list them as payee in the case of loss/damage cargo. My insurance company refused but didn't explain why. Shouldn't the company that...
  7. A&A

    Am I making a huge mistake?

    Hello, I have worked for Waste Management for 20 years. My wife and I are standing at the edge of this cliff called team expediting. From what I can squeeze out of people without really knowing who or what to ask, it seems we will be breaking even with the exception of no longer having employer...
  8. N

    Trying to find insurance for my cargo van. Can anyone help me please!!!!

    I'm just starting off in this business and I'm having the toughest time finding insurance. Anyone know of any companies.
  9. Lawrence

    Important! Don't be a victim....or a fool.

    Please take 3 minutes to read this very informative blog from our very own Shelly Benisch with CIS Insurance. General Liability vs Auto Liability