1. W

    Square One Transport Sprinter Van Owner/Operator?!

    Hi all, I’m new to the community and am looking at getting into the industry. I’ve been looking around for opportunities and stumbled across Square One Transport in Lansing, MI. They are only offering a sprinter van owner/operator position and the process to get started seems way too good to be...
  2. V

    Fleet Drivers & Managers - How do you manage off hours fleet access?

    I work for a large commercial trucking and heavy equipment manufacturer and I'm currently developing new concepts around improving off hours fleet access. As drivers and fleet managers, how easy is it to get off hours truck and facility access? What are the biggest time wasters and what could be...
  3. Sarah

    Semi newbie looking for a team partner

    Hey all I'm new to this forum! I'm from the Dallas Texas area looking for someone who wants to team up with me to work for FedEx Custom Critical as a team driver through Expediter Services! I have driven briefly for this company before and they are awesome but the last time I drove, my now ex...
  4. M


    Hello everyone, I am out of Atlanta, GA and I just got my cargo van. I have been driving for companies for quite sometime now and I am ready to be run for myself. I was looking to run freight for a company as a Owner Operator but having trouble finding a company that does cargo vans. Does anyone...
  5. Lawrence

    Throwback Thursday: Cargo Van Revenue in 1995

    TBT: Here's what life and revenue looked (moi) like in a Expediter Cargo Van in 1995. Not too often you get see to the whole picture. :smilie:
  6. J

    School Project: Questions For Truck Drivers And Mechanics

    Hi, I am a mechanical engineering student at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, needing questions answered by experienced commercial vehicle operators and mechanics. My group and I are considering the design of a drum brake cooling system, which would improve truck safety by...
  7. M

    Needing help

    I'm an O.O looking to become fleet-owner, I need a contract to have a driver sign with Bolt Express, can someone help me out?
  8. M

    Cargo Van New to EO,looking to get in the industry.

    Hello everyone ,my name is Moses I live in Atlanta,GA I'm new to EO I've been doing a lot of research online about expediting and I'm very interested in driving a cargo van for an owner to learn the industry and expanding later getting my CDL .I have no kids and very little family so that means...
  9. Opel2010

    For Fleet Owners

    About a year ago I was expecting this guy to show up for orientation, in order to drive one of my trucks. He never showed up, sending me an email about a week later with an excuse good enough for first graders. Then weeks later he asked me for a second chance, which even if I didn't trust this...
  10. Lawrence

    Million Mile Expediter?

    We're looking for a Million Mile Expediter and if you're one - we'd like to talk to you! So, if you have a million, safe miles in your entire driving career, please send me an instant message or use our contact form: Contact Thanks!