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Nearby trucks


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Something interesting poped up on my owners web yesterday, now when I am not on a pro and I pull the board position off the website, it now shows all the available units within a 300 air mile radius, just last week it only showed a couple boards, I can now see the units on 45 boards, for instance right now there are 11 units available within 300 air miles, I am sitting in Seville and can see the trucks sitting in NY, VA, PA, ky,IN, WV...ect really kinda cool, I thinks is a good thing since macro 8 still is not always correct.


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Had a truck unload this afternoon and sure enough, a 300 mile radius of everything. That was overdue, but will be quite helpful.
Certainly like it.
I hope the future plans with include team/solo count as they do on the current location board and add inbounds with their ETA's