Motivation: How to Get Yourself Out of the Sleeper and Into the Gym


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When Diane and I were on the road, it was sooooo easy to sit in the sleeper instead of getting out to exercise, even when we were parked in an Anytime Fitness gym parking lot! We also found that once you get moving, it's easy to keep moving. The challenge is to overcome the inertia that keeps you in your comfortable truck.

Non-expediters have the same challenge. How do you get up off the couch to exercise when the couch is sooooo comfortable? How do you get to the gym after work when you're tired after a long day and the kitchen, couch and TV are calling you home?

Diane and I are former expediters who now own and operate an Anytime Fitness gym. We recently found a motivation answer that's making a difference for people. I think it could make a difference for expediters too.

It's called MyZone. It can make a difference because MyZone provides not just an online community of supportive people, but also heart rate and exercise-effort data that shows your group of choice what you're doing. Imagine a group of like-minded expediters viewing each other's fitness efforts. You applaud their work and put points of your own on the board because you know others are watching.

A MyZone belt is worn around your chest as you exercise. It records the time you spend in certain heart-rate zones and awards points based on your heart rate. You see your numbers instantly on the mobile app, which is itself motivating. Your connected friends see your numbers too. You can easily compare one exercise session to others to chart your progress. The app does much of that for you by awarding badges and points. Your group members can challenge each other produce a certain number of effort points in a given week or month.

The beauty of MyZone is it levels the playing field. A super-fit person running fast on a treadmill could be working less than a deconditioned person on a barely brisk walk. The deconditioned person's heart will be pumping more, so he or she will earn more points.

Unlike Fitbit, Apple Watch and other wrist-worn devices, MyZone scores all exercise be it a brisk walk, lifting weights in the gym or using resistance bands in your sleeper. And the MyZone device is the wearable of choice in the fitness industry. We don't use Fitbits and smart watches with our members because they are inaccurate and have their limitations. Training professionals use MyZone to support their clients and members. MyZone brings the exercise science elite athletes use to ordinary people.

Click here to learn more about the MyZone device and app.

Think about buying a belt of your own and connecting with fellow expediters to motivate each other in your fitness journeys. The MZ-3 belt lists at $150 but sells for far less on Amazon. A less-featured belt (the MZ-1) can be ordered from us for $54 plus shipping and tax. If you wish, you can enter our gym's facility code when you set up your belt and app. That gives you a free connection to a gym owned by former expediters. We can help set up sensible fitness challenges and answer questions about MyZone and the data it produces.
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I swim about 3 times a week or more, do about 3 miles a week and walk 21 miles a week to. don't run any more better swimming than running.
make it like a bill and pay on it every day. you pay for , so use it. that is my 2 cents
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