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Did you guys go and change colors again? The ad on this site looks Orange instead of Red.


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FedEx is rebranding their entire fleet. They are switching everyone to the FedEx Express color scheme. It seems like the change over is taking longer than I would of expected.

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At the time that FedEx bought TNT, whose logo was also orange, the corporate decision was made to return all of the FedEx operating companies to the original colors, purple and orange. The change program is to brand all new equipment but not immediately bear the expense of doing everything at once. If I recall correctly, every logo will be purple and orange by 2022. If you think about it, the general public pays little attention to the color of the Ex. All they know is that a FedEx truck brought it. There are many colors that of which most folks are not aware. Aside from the orange, green, red and blue, there is yellow, magenta and grey. The color of FedEx Corporate has been Purple and platinum
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