Lock out


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Best losing season I have seen in a long time :) errrr did I just say that :confused:

But seriously, Lions played some pretty good football (even without their "Star QB" again) don't get me on that subject haha. Loaded with weapons, they proved they are no longer the joke of the NFL and can play with the big boys now. With so many close heartbreaking games, I lost count, starting with the famous week 1 catch/no catch call which would have won the game. They could have realistically pulled off 3 more wins to finish 10-6 or better and knocking on the playoff door. Ok, maybe I'm just a delusional die hard fan, but that's how I see it lol. Now if we can just play some ball this season :rolleyes:

Oh Boy! Here we go! Woulda coulda shoulda time!
The bottom line is they lost 10 games.
Lion history has always been their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. ;)


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good!! too many commercial breaks. too many artificial time outs. we should be outraged that the game is stopped because of fox television. greedy networks, greedy owners and greedy players.

maybe it can come back as the nhl. disband the teams, invalidate the contracts and re-draft all the teams. whadda ya think?


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I think there will still be a season. There are to many billions of dollars at stake for them not to be able to work it out.