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i once saw a conway now he had a plate that said license plate
on front of the truck, have know ideal how or where he came up
with that

i was military customs in navy and if people were nice i gave
them a break , but if they weren't nice broke out the book to make sure i was doing it right,
also 20 year's in supply as a sk and did the same thing
could get parts and could hold up things and make it hard
one example a supply po i did not like ask for 20 foot of pipe
he didn't code it right and he recieved 20 foot of pipe one piece at a time , i knew what he wantn't but he didn't put in right code
so he got what he ask for but one at a time so
if i'm like that how many other's are like that
so that why most of time i'm good but slip once in a while
as they were on back order and as they came in we gave them to him
he learn how to nice


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I can understand having a good attitude and all that when pulled off for something legitimate. But silverdollar stated they saw no plate up front. Wouldn't common sense tell them to check the back instead of pulling him off and wasting his time? It's like "Humm, never saw a straight truck before??" Ligitimate- fine. Needless grief- no-no.
I can say with all honesty the only thing I was ever pulled in for aside from a random DOT (which they are suppose to tell you is random) was an out license plate lamp. Now is that something ligitimate that effects truck safety? Is license plate location? Is a missing IFTA sticker on one side? When one is in a hurry with an important load and is getting bugged by things like that, it's not too hard to see where one's normally happy attitude might get a little shaky.


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This post went around the world. It went from a plate on the front or back to attitudes of the DOT. I think the poster Neverhome now has a good idea of what to do about the plate and where it should be. I will now lock this thread so no one decides to start a bash-er-all, about how to treat a DOT Officer. If a member has a burning desire to discuss the way one should or shouldn’t react when a Dot enforcer pulls you or someone over, please by all means start a new thread on the subject. LOL!!!