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New Recruit
I recently lost my career, looking into trucking, don't have a CDL A been looking a company sponsorship programs but what I really want to drive is Straight trucks or Sprinter van but I can not seem to find a expedited service company to sponsor or hire new drivers.


Veteran Expediter
Retired Expediter
I can't afford to get my A right now, can't afford three or four weeks of no pay.
3 or 4 weeks without pay to get your CDL is going to hurt, but driving a cargo van will result in many more weeks without pay. If you already owned a vehicle to be used for expedite, you might be able to make it worth your while, but driving for someone else is going to be really bad right now.

I noticed you are from Florida also, which makes it even worse, when I was expediting I would rarely get loads from here, would have to deadhead north. And most times when there was a reason to be home at a specific time, I would have to deadhead home.