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Hello, Hino 338 owner here.


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Hey all. I'm new to this forum and have a question about the my Hino 338. I don't use it for work, but rather use it for pulling our 5th wheel as you can see by the attached picture. My question is, has anyone done anything to get more power and torque out of the motor. When I'm on the flat, it's not bad, but as soon as I hit hill, it just about powers out and drops the speed significantly. It's got the JO8E-TB (260HP) motor in it. Every website I could find on Hino Tuning says that the equipment is coming soon, but never seems to do so. I've talked to the Hino dealership as well about it and they recommend not doing anything for fear of doing some engine damage. I have 3 Duramax's that all pull over 500HP out of them with no issues, so I would think that it wouldn't be hard to get some more pony's out of this diesel motor. The only other alternative is to transplant a new motor like a Cummins into it. Thanks in advance for any help.



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Hino has about 11-12% of the market. Not enough demand. If horsepower is that much of a concern, sell it and buy something that's already making the power you want.

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