GPS units, which is the best for over the road driving???


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Is there a trucking version that easily lets you input the basic routing
I did a radioactive load. The 465t wanted to take me nowhere near my required route. I put in a rt to pt A,then a rt to pt B,and so fourth to make it easier for my co-driver to get to our switch point error free. The 90 mile haz-mat re-route only complicated matters .

I have only ever used one stand alone GPS unit. That was the RM when I was beta testing for them. Have not used any since. We use Delorme on the laptop, very easy to input specific routing. It can even be done with the GPS OFF making it even easier.


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The MOST important thing is to name your GPS unit. We have the navigation system on the C-link that we've named Cecilia and another Truck Garmin we've named Genevieve. That is too many women on the truck if you ask me. It seems that every time I want to say something they chime in. Even if there isn't a turn anytime soon....they will say "Continue straight on I-40" or some nonsense as I start to tell Gary another fascinating story about how green leafy vegetables are good for you.

I think there is a conspiracy brewing.
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