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Fuel Book


Staff member
Since we are know for always trying to get better fuel mileage here is a tip:

Use a fuel book that sits in a cubby hole on the dash or in the door.

This book started out for us as a way to keep track of how much fuel money we had loaded on our fuel card and in time it evolved to be much more.

First we started keeping track of our fuel mileage and since Bob and I are a little competitive we compared when possible each others fuel mileage and tried to do a little better.

Now the fuel book is an easy way to see what our balance is on our fuel card, what our MPG has been on each time we fuel.

It is also a great reference to go back and see if I have entered a fuel ticket in my Quicken.

Basically it is set up like this:

Fuel stop
MPG from odometer
MPG from Dash
balance on card

When we get an advance I add that to the book with the load number the advance was pulled off of.