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From Panther


Veteran Expediter
Refusals – that will affect accept %

-Driver Verbally, electronically, refused the shipment
-Load picks up within 8 hours
-No Response from driver within 10 minutes of load offer picking up within 8 hrs
-Drivers Actions (breakdown, violation of hours-driver fault) prevent on-time p/u/del

Non-Refusals – will not affect %

-Load offer is more than 8 hours in advance
-Driver does not have the hours to complete the run
-Reduced rate offer – less than contracted rate offered
-DH is over 40% of loaded miles
-2nd Mini offer in a row
-Driver is on Home time and load does not go towards or to home state


Seasoned Expediter
ok now how are they doing this for a mini is it a streight over 30 miles 29.6 being 40% of 73 miles? or what
Talked to panther was told that the 40% if you weren't compensated ie.. "full DH" or similar if you are offered full DH and still turn it down then it is still a refusal. They also said it would be something that we will all need to work through as refinements are put into place.