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Electric Ford Transit on the horizon.


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Naw, Im referring to "Lost In space"...

And, lets not forget Aunt Bea...her holding that steaming hot apple pie....

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Not to throw a wrench in this Electrical party .
But what IF you become Stranded or in the ditch because of a storm.
How will you stay warm while waiting for assistance..?
Is AAA going to bring you Freshly Charged batteries every 4 hours while waiting for a tow truck ..?
City Delivery... yes maybe ..
Expediting... No Forget about it ...

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To -40 F I shut it down on my route, up to 5 days a week for 9 years. It's called clothing and blankets

With the extra insulation they're discussing I can already tell a newer electric or hybrid would be idle free for me. If somebody is so unprepared in the winter they're going to freeze to death maybe they should stay home...

That being said, my uninsulated 2005 sprinter was pretty rough this winter. But I'm not dead. And with a partition + no idle, inside temp was outside temp without the wind...

(Edit: you're darn right that will be a top concern for snowflakes. New job opportunities to rescue chilly millennials for a fee)
Heating problem solved. Install an Espar heater. I can feel the heat now.