Dash, Running and Tail Lights Out


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New to the Forum. I am a high school parent responsible for the marching band's 2008 Hino 258.

One of my drivers started the truck with the lights on and the Dash, Indicator, Running, and tail lights went out.

The head lights, break lights and signals still operate.

I am looking for some troubleshooting starting points. The interior box lights are on and i think they are on the same hot as the indicator lights... maybe not since they have their own switch.

The fuse diagrams do not indicate dash, running or rear tail lights.

Any starting points would be appreciated.


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Just ran into this issue with one of our rental trucks which happens to be a Hino also, they are all on the same circuit, and if they are all regular bulbs and not LEDs, the fuse socket will probably be melted a little. The problem is more than likely in the wiring that runs at the top of the box for all of the running lights. Is there a little damage on the corners? If so, the wires might have been pinched and grounded out. If no damage then its time to trace the wiring, somewhere along the top it is has rubbed and grounded. Good luck!!!
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You likely blew some fuses, and 90% of the time when running lights go out its a short circuit in the box somewhere. Or maybe where the box wiring and Hino wiring intersect. Look at all the wires running from the frame to the box, and where the wires run into the vertical channels of the door frame. Is anything rubbing? Often the wiring above the door spring gets rubbed through or pinched. Also keep in mind that many people with variable skill levels have worked on the truck and shoddy wiring repairs are common.


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If the fuses are blown replace with the newer fuses that have a built in led light that will come on when the fuse pops.they cost more but are so much easier to find that popped fuse at night.....
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