Cargo Van Complete Newbies


New Recruit
Hey ya'll,
We are a couple that is interested in entering the lifestyle of Cargo Van expediting. We do not currently own a van. Right now we are working on research and learning as much as we can.
What are the pros of this job? I know what we are thinking (in regards of what this will be like) but a lot of the posts I see paint a negative light, so that makes me nervous.
Would you reccomend we buy our own van first or go with a company that provides?
We currently live in Louisiana but also have residence in Ohio, which I am seeing way more jobs for this up north. I really just want some open opinions on what it is like? Especially for a couple! (is there enough money to be made for a team?)
Even with the research we have done, we seem to have so many open questions.
Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!