Appalachian man dies in police custody after tasing incident. No riots.


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So many people have died from these non-lethal tasers that only the Internet can get them national attention.


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If u feel that it Warrants a riot then go there and start one. The riot is what gets all the media attention not the crime.
There won't be any rioting related to this incident, nor should there be. Rioting is a criminal act. Unfortunately, the police tased a man who had heart ailments and mental health issues. The deceased individual should never have physically accosted law enforcement officials. Someone in frail health might forfeit their life in a physical altercation. If the man had barricaded himself in the foyer area, why not wait him out? De-escalate. Talk him down.
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There is a simple reason there will never be rioting in appalachia. Once the rioters start raiding houses and burning buildings they will very quickly wind up dead.