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We have been invited in the studio once a month to do a 5 hour show about expediting! Finally, expediting is entering into the overnight radio market! I talked to lawrence mccord at the expo and he is considering doing some business with 700 wlw! Last month ourselves and our very own todd patrick was in the studio with bubba bo! Senior producers liked the show so well, they asked us to do one once a month! We will be contacting different folks to join us in the studio each month! Sprinters, straights, and tractor trailer ops will all be invited over the coming months! Expediting has only been really heard about on the dave nemo infomercial, and frankly the only reason it is in the show is because of $$$$$$$$$$! And as the addonnis of expediting and the first lady of expediting hope you at least call in! After all i have been declared to definitely have a radio face!lol see y'all on the air waves! The "a" team!:)
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The " A " team, we already have one of those. Phil & Diane Madsen. Can't steal their call sign.


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Way to go Maniac......looking forward to hearing someone that can paint a fair and honest opnion about what we do. Whitout all the bull. This means u will still do Bar-B -Q's for us right? Man you can handle a grill..... :)


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Maybe a post outside the load1 forun? .... btw .... what channel on siruis?


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Not on sirrius

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Enjoyed being in the Studio with you last month Maniac would love to get back in again...Got word from the producer and Bubba Bo before I left that I am welcome back anytime I am in town...So looking forward to getting back in there with you again soon...When is the next show brother...Would like to be there...