2013 Hino 268 won't auto degenerate


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Hi all.. I have a 2013 Hino 268 Box truck. I am an owner operator but also a computer engineer. Here is my situation plz let me know what you suggest .. I purchased the truck 4 months ago from New York (Stupid idea to get it from east coast) I am from California. While driving it back across country all the sudden it won't degenerate automatically then after that it wouldn't even let me do it manually. So we stopped to have it fixed but alot of mechanics had no idea of Hino so I had a lot of trial and error. We changed all the sensors, the computer unit (I think that what's it's called) now the temperature goes all the way up to 950-980 but still won't do it automatically. I have to stop every 100 -150 miles to do a manual regenerate. I was told it's the programming that needs to be adjusted.. the mechanic that has the software for the Hino doesn't seem to know how to program it ... Do u think it's programming issue? Do u have a walk through or instructions or default settings of what it should be? Can u please help?

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Its almost certainly a burner issue. It is unlikely to be computer related.

Since they've been putting Cummins engines in Hinos, there's been no more training on burner trucks. Good luck finding someone who knows how to fix it.

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Will it help to get a Del**e
Deleting the dpf and supporting systems is a federal crime and in some states.
The epa will impound or heavily fine you and the company for the volition and if your found to not fix the delete you can wind up in jail.