2012 Hino 268 starting issues


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Truck will not start if you cycle the key to the wait position like normal and then try to turn over. If you put the key directly in and immediately turn it (it not waiting for wait light etc) it fires right up. I’ve checked all fuses they are good, connections are good. Thinking relay possibly? Replaced ignition thinking that might be it, still same issues.
The only labeled starter relay I found was in a separate fuse box under body of truck. There are several relays not labeled in the passenger side in can fuse box. Any suggestions?


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The OP never replied, so I don't know what happened.

Describe what your truck has been doing. What have you checked?
randomly the starter emits a weird sound and after few tries finally starts and many time works just fine one try ; just tested the batteries and the start switch and all is good;