1. S

    Feedback Wanted: Store BOLs, PODs, and all your docs on TextBOL

    Hey guys, I've been working on an app project that I thought might be helpful - TextBOL. com. Rather than needing to store paper copies of BOLs, PODs, and everything else in your cab; we thought it might be helpful to be able to text pictures of those documents to the cloud. That way weeks...
  2. E

    How much $ is needed for your 1st 3 weeks out

    Hi, I'm seriously considering changing careers and sprinter van driving solo as a driver, not owner sounds like a great move. How much money would you suggest having for your first 3 weeks out at 60/40 split. Also what should I bring along besides clothing, do you wish you had brought along...
  3. Charmaine

    Not getting paid?!

    Hey guys, Considering going back OTR solo as straight truck. I originally applied with panther and did my research on other companies as well. I see the common topic of not getting paid on time or at all. Could someone give decent companies to look at. I don’t need any rainbows and gumdrop when...
  4. R

    Possibly Starting My New Expediting Journey Next Week...

    Good afternoon Expediters, I've been reading posts for a few days now and have a basic understanding of how things work. I'm completely new to expediting and have a job opportunity working for a company driving a 2015 Dodge Sprinter as a 1099 Contractor. I'm responsible for my own fuel, the...
  5. alexmj616

    Newbie with a question reguarding pay

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I am a brand new driver with an iffy driving record. I found a very small expediting company in Michigan(10 sprinters, 2 straight trucks) that is willing to give me a try. They are offering 28 cents per mile, with them covering all expenses...
  6. D

    Is becoming a sprinter van O/O still a viable option?

    title says all