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  1. B

    Current State of Sprinter Expediting

    Hello, I have been reading previous threads about it not being a good time for expedite. Those threads were from the beginning months of the year to the late months last year. There aren't current mid year month threads giving a consensus of expedite as it is now. To not just ask the question...
  2. N

    Looking at box truck owner/operator career

    I am trying to decide which straight truck to purchase to be owner/ operator . I have my CDLB license. But am finding a lot of class 6 trucks for sale. Is there enough loads on the load boards in this weight range where getting a class 7 or higher is not worth trying to find? Look forward to the...
  3. H

    Serious Question Regarding Getting Into Expediting!

    So I'm looking into getting into expediting and yes I am serious about it; my passion is road tripping! I have several questions: 1) if I am hired by a company/ fleet owner, to deliver their freight in THEIR van, do I need any type of licenses? MC numbers or DOT/USDOT number? 2) if I finance my...
  4. Lawrence


    Top 20 reasons to become an Owner-Operator These seem solid to me.... With a booming trucking industry, many drivers consider becoming an owner-operator. Some do it for the right reasons and others do it for the wrong reasons. Here is what we think are the top 20 right reasons to become an...
  5. M


    Hello everyone, I am out of Atlanta, GA and I just got my cargo van. I have been driving for companies for quite sometime now and I am ready to be run for myself. I was looking to run freight for a company as a Owner Operator but having trouble finding a company that does cargo vans. Does anyone...
  6. Metro Transport Group

    Looking for veterans who are looking to start a career as an owner and operater

    I would like to reach out to any military veterans wanting to become an owner operator in the truck driving industry. At Metro Transport Group, we offer a large selection of trucks to choose from and if we do not have the truck you want or prefer, we can locate and acquire the truck of your...
  7. Metro Transport Group

    Big Truck Owner operators wanting to get started now. Easy Finance options avail

    Metro Transport Group is looking for veterans who want to become owner operators. Lowest rates and easy qualifing call John at 423-745-8100 I would like to reach out to any military veterans wanting to become an owner operator in the truck driving industry. At Metro Transport Group, we offer a...
  8. T

    Which one?

    Ok i have been thinking about this a lot. I wanted to know what you needed to buy your own truck and how to do it? I already have a company that will hire me on if I buy a truck. Just needed someone with more information to help me out. Can you make money?
  9. B

    Cargo Van Need a good company for local work. Atlanta area

    I'm looking for a good company I can put my cargo van on with. I found a few but they don't really pay much. Hoping for something in the Atlanta area or surrounding counties.
  10. M

    Needing help

    I'm an O.O looking to become fleet-owner, I need a contract to have a driver sign with Bolt Express, can someone help me out?