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Big Truck Owner operators wanting to get started now. Easy Finance options avail

Discussion in 'Ask The Recruiter' started by Metro Transport Group, May 23, 2017.

  1. Metro Transport Group

    Metro Transport Group New Recruit Recruiter US Marines

    May 23, 2017
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    Metro Transport Group
    Metro Transport Group is looking for veterans who want to become owner operators. Lowest rates and easy qualifing call John at 423-745-8100

    I would like to reach out to any military veterans wanting to become an owner operator in the truck driving industry. At Metro Transport Group, we offer a large selection of trucks to choose from and if we do not have the truck you want or prefer, we can locate and acquire the truck of your preference. Metro Transport Group is a veteran owned and operated business. We can make your dreams come true by extending and offering our owner operator program to you with affordable payments and interest rates of as low as 5% on a 7 year loan term. Metro Transport Group has a 24 hour dedicated dispatch team, a state of the art repair and maintenance facility with a discounted labor rate of only $60.00 per hour for our owner operator program. We offer financial guidance and training to ensure you have the right tools and knowledge to make your journey a successful one. For additional information please call John Palmer at 813-468-4801 or 423-745-8100. I look forward to helping my fellow brothers and sisters of the armed forces.

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    I know this isn't the place for a free ad in a public forum. Please use the free classified section for this purpose as per the instructions that were spelled out in the Code of Conduct that you agreed to when you signed up.
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