mbe 900

  1. B

    MBE 900 how many miles before valve lash needs to be checked?

    I have a Freightliner with the MBE 900 engine in it. It has 77,380 miles on it. Was the vale lash adjustment suppose to be made at 75k? Thanks
  2. Boatcat


    MONEY PIT. This truck is worse than a boat! Bought an 07 M2 a year ago as a first truck to get started with and this thing is eating all my profits... I'm an owner operator who found the truck through a fleet owner I briefly considered working for. The guy missed his calling, he should have been...
  3. ajakapari

    Help any idea? MBE 900 oil pressure

    I took my Freightshaker M2 106 to a shop they had to replace EGR and fix some oil leaks and reseal the oil cooler on it ... today after they did all that they called me saying they don't want to start it because the truck won't build oil pressure for some reason.. before I took it in it started...