isuzu n series

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    2008 GMC W4500 Forward Crew Cab

    Hi Kinda New here, I have a 2008 GMC W4500 Forward Crew Cab 6.0 lts, gas (basically is an NPR HD), with overheating problems, Water Pump, Thermostart, Fan clutch and even the head job has been done since it was overheated, but as I got the truck back, it runs fine cruising at 60 MPH, but if you...
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    Isuzu NPR cargo light?

    I had rented an Isuzu NPR to move my office, the truck only had 26xx miles on it, it was brand new, my friend had noticed the cargo light wasn't installed and just stuck to the side bars inside the cargo area, the lady who checked it out for us saw it at the time, and just told my friend to...
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    Im a novice and not even close to a mechanic. But I do want to learn and understand. So the 4HK1 (T & TC...?) engines are in 100's of thousands of truck from the early 2000's to the present. The hp ratings range from 175 to 215. What's that all about? Is Isuzu detuning the engines because the...