1. T

    Canada Sprinter Insurance ( Canada)

    Hello there, I am looking for a new insurance company for my Sprinter. It has been difficult to find a deal in Ontario. Please help if you have recommendations. Thanks!!
  2. Elitemgmt

    Carrier vehicle requirements

    Hi, I'm looking for carriers that will accept a vehicle (cargo van) made within the last ten years. If you do, what other requirements must the vehicle meet? If you do not, what vehicle requirements does your company have? I am looking to expedite, but not be on the road longer than two weeks...
  3. M

    Good company to lease under

    Newbie to sprinters and considering Bolt Express or XPO to lease under.....!!! I'm working 144wb sprinter about 129.5 length about 2 pallets. Is one better than the other? Any suggestions to consider?
  4. M

    Cargo Van Laredo, TX

    Any cargo van/sprinter fleet owners looking for someone to run loads to Laredo, TX??
  5. L

    Best way forward

    Hello, There is tons of information here but some of it can be overwhelming and we need some personalized information. I already see loads I can haul on DAT etc but I'm unsure of the legal requirements. (MC# DOT# etc) I'd like to get to work as quickly and with as little headache as possible...
  6. T

    Cargo Van Expedite Questions

    Hey, new member here. What's everyone paying around for commercial insurance for their cargo vans? I currently have a 2014 ram Promaster 3500. Also what apps/websites does everyone use to find loads for vans? Thank you in advance!
  7. U

    Where do I post Expedite loads? I'm a broker

    Hi, I'm new here and wanted to ask you guys a quick question. I am a small broker with daily expedite loads and I wanted to check where can I post my loads? Sylectus expedite load board does not accept new brokers, so I'm not sure where to post my expedite loads. Any advise would be much...
  8. L

    Looking for strait truck loads in houston tx

    Hi, I'm looking for loads in the houston area
  9. N

    Need Help -Finding Expedite Shipments

    Hello All, I am new to this board. I got a couple questions that i need help with. I own my business of taking care of tier two, tier 3 and some tier one suppliers for their expedite needs. I am currently using Active on Demand to find expedite vans, sprinters and etc. Is there another...
  10. Lawrence

    New Location! Expedite Expo 2019!

    What do you do when your old Convention Center eliminates truck parking and is being torn down to build a new one? YOU FIND A NEW ONE!!!!
  11. JigglyPuff

    Just want to start...pls help

    Any owners willing to let my husband drive under the circumstance that I can eventually obtain my class B and we become a team.... We are ready he has experience in tractor trailer
  12. M

    Is expediting feasible?

    Hi, Given this business is an unknown too many. Is it really worth it to someone willing to work hard and expect to make a profit of 150k+ a year? Granted everybody is different but is there anyone out there pulling in that kind of moolah for the hours, the miles, and the work? If so how...
  13. Pigeon Post

    Setting a straight w/26" sleeper for expediting

    Ever done it, and can you share what you did? Inverter, generator, a/c, heater, TV, mini-fridge? I want to see how comfortable I can make my M2 and I'd love to hear anyone's experience.
  14. Lawrence

    Recruiters? Used Car Salesman?

    See you in Lexington! Register Now!
  15. A3gis21

    Cargo Van New To Expediting

    So I was just offered a job driving a Sprinter Van by a friend of mine who owns a fleet. The pay is okay, so I decided to take it. I have prior experience driving a tractor trailer, though I haven't driven one in over 7 or 8 years. So I kind of know how being on the road works. I was wanting to...
  16. Lawrence

    Expedite Expo Expedite Expo 2016 - What's in it for YOU!

    Here are some features we put in the show with YOU - our EO community in mind. It's hard to believe the Expo is almost here! We're super excited about our new venue in Lexington this year and wanted to let you know about a few happenings. 1. Expediter City - Tailgating Area No more parking on...
  17. Lawrence

    Shhh...Insider Tip for the Expo

    One of the many reasons we re-located the Expedite Expo from Ohio to Lexington was for additional hotel rooms for our attendees and exhibitors. At our previous location we would sell out the host hotel in a single day, by the Expo time we would sell at out an additional seven area hotels. That...
  18. Lawrence

    5,000 + Expediters in One Place...

    ...and their families...and trucks...and vans. Join us in Lexington, KY on July 15 - 16, 2016.
  19. J

    Expediter Dispatcher Recommendations Sprinter

    Hey All, Can anybody recommend a great dispatcher for sprinters. And or the best load boards to find loads. I'm with a company now but I'd like to hedge my bet with multiple streams to find loads. Thanks in advance for your replies
  20. Lawrence

    Industry News: Panther Founder Returns to Expediting

    Our industry doesn't make the Press Release /Wire news circuit headlines like this very often so this is very interesting. V3 Transportation Welcomes Craig Amato as a Senior Advisor & Investor Congrats to the V3 team!