cargo van

  1. greyfin

    Mounting E-Track in Cargo Van ('04 E250)

    I recently bought a van to haul musical equipment (starting a band), and this site has convinced me that E-Track is the best thing since sliced bread... but while there are lots of nice "after" pictures, I'm still a little unsure as to how to proceed as far as mounting is concerned. First my...
  2. Kimberly Person

    Local Courier Work With A Cargo Van

    Thinking about Leasing a ford e-250 from a dealership for $300 a month and starting with a company looking for independent contractors to do local courier work. Hiring manager says average driver makes about $150 - $175 a day. How realistic is this? I guess bottom line is it worth it? If I can't...
  3. N

    Trying to find insurance for my cargo van. Can anyone help me please!!!!

    I'm just starting off in this business and I'm having the toughest time finding insurance. Anyone know of any companies.
  4. B

    Cargo Van Need a good company for local work. Atlanta area

    I'm looking for a good company I can put my cargo van on with. I found a few but they don't really pay much. Hoping for something in the Atlanta area or surrounding counties.
  5. M

    Cargo Van New to EO,looking to get in the industry.

    Hello everyone ,my name is Moses I live in Atlanta,GA I'm new to EO I've been doing a lot of research online about expediting and I'm very interested in driving a cargo van for an owner to learn the industry and expanding later getting my CDL .I have no kids and very little family so that means...
  6. J

    Expediter Dispatcher Recommendations Sprinter

    Hey All, Can anybody recommend a great dispatcher for sprinters. And or the best load boards to find loads. I'm with a company now but I'd like to hedge my bet with multiple streams to find loads. Thanks in advance for your replies
  7. GA Rider

    Cargo Van Buying a cargo van, with bad credit?

    Does anyone have any good websites?
  8. F

    Cargo Van Owner but not operator?

    I've been running as an independent contractor Cargo Van O/O for some time but I was recently offered a daytime local position with another company. I'd like to keep running my van with the carrier I'm signed on with and put another driver in it. In other words, be a fleet owner with a fleet of...
  9. Kevin192410


    HI , I bought a chevy 2002 express 2500 for painting this year but the guy ended up trying to rob me by not paying me hours I worked, and trying to get me to be a 1099 but treat me as an employee so im stuck with the van I like it and see expediting as an interesting field, my situatuion is that...
  10. N

    Atlanta Cargo Van

    I recently bought a cargo van and was looking to lease on Courier Express. I would like to be home daily and make the most amount of money possible. I have heard of Ceva, AtlExpress, DBA, DTH and Groome. I do not know anything about these companies. I have searches and cannot seem to come up...