box truck

  1. S

    Anyone know what my truck is worth?

    Hey! I recently restored a 1987 Chevy P30. Anyone know what it's worth? New paint job inside and out, new tires, restored interior, runs great. Any thoughts?
  2. A

    hiring owner-operators all over the U.S

    If you own a cargo van, box truck, or large straight truck and have insurance on your vehicle call or email the contact below to apply! With RPP Express, you can continue to work with other companies and choose your loads locally and if you do not want them you have the right to decline the...
  3. Q

    The largest dispatch center is looking for drivers

    Box truck | Cargo van | small straight - Experienced dispatchers (help with documents) - Huge number of brokers - Large cargo flow (DAT/Sylectus/CH Robinson) - Personal dispatchers 24/7 -Timely payouts (QUICK PAY/DIRECT PAY) -Detailed reports -High prices (313) 474-2612 ext.102
  4. D


    I've recently lost one of the best dispatchers I've ever worked with due to the war in Ukraine. Supposedly he was from Ukraine and he went back home to support his country. Any suggestions?
  5. M

    Box Truck Load Boards

    Anyone know of some good load boards outside of Truckstop and DAT. I spent $50 on Expedite load board that was an ad on Instagram. I hate it! I have found some good runs on DAT but Truckstop isn't direct when searching for Box Truck load as DAT is.
  6. mknt201

    need direction/input on starting 26ft straight box truck business (non cdl)

    Hello, hope everyone had a great holiday. Happy New Year to all of you, and your family. My name is Nick. I would like to get some suggestions, input, opinion on starting at 26ft non-cdl straight box truck business. I have the following questions and concerns: 1. is it better to start out...
  7. S

    Outrageous Insurance Cost

    I have been in the Sami-Truck business for quite a bit now (It's been treating me extremely good). Due to the CDL requirements(Making it hard to find drivers) and an abundant amount of friends who are interested in driving around the country I decided to purchase a box truck (Instead of...
  8. S

    Lost looking for Box Truck Answers

    Hello All, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but if not please point me in the right direction. I started a llc, working on the DOT, MC etc. and will be getting my own authority. My plan is to buy a 26' box truck (no cdl or sleeper). Before I do this, I'm a little lost on how I...
  9. Redmoon


    What’s up family, is anyone interesting in buying a trucking company that has been in business for 3 months and take over the truck loan that I’m still paying? I already went trough the hard times with brokers with their requirements of 90 days so everything is good now. I saw my future doing...
  10. A

    any box truck o/o running under there own operating authority? Anyone running under their own dot numbers

    any box truck owner operators running under there own operating authority? curious hows the super weak LTL market treating you everything i see is 50 cents to 80 cents to ship a pallet or twos so cheap, , all the box trucks i see are leased to carriers haven't yet to see anyone 100% independent...
  11. GuyUpNorth

    Promaster box truck

    I saw this box truck at the J in Dallas. It looks like it has a roof top sleeper and a canvas box. Seems like with the canvas box you could keep the weight way down and also fit a variety of oddball sized freight. Similiar to the yellow Penske's only legal. Anyone have any experience with...
  12. Lawrence

    This Straight Truck...