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box truck

  1. S

    Lost looking for Box Truck Answers

    Hello All, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but if not please point me in the right direction. I started a llc, working on the DOT, MC etc. and will be getting my own authority. My plan is to buy a 26' box truck (no cdl or sleeper). Before I do this, I'm a little lost on how I...
  2. Redmoon


    What’s up family, is anyone interesting in buying a trucking company that has been in business for 3 months and take over the truck loan that I’m still paying? I already went trough the hard times with brokers with their requirements of 90 days so everything is good now. I saw my future doing...
  3. A

    any box truck o/o running under there own operating authority? Anyone running under their own dot numbers

    any box truck owner operators running under there own operating authority? curious hows the super weak LTL market treating you everything i see is 50 cents to 80 cents to ship a pallet or twos so cheap, , all the box trucks i see are leased to carriers haven't yet to see anyone 100% independent...
  4. GuyUpNorth

    Promaster box truck

    I saw this box truck at the J in Dallas. It looks like it has a roof top sleeper and a canvas box. Seems like with the canvas box you could keep the weight way down and also fit a variety of oddball sized freight. Similiar to the yellow Penske's only legal. Anyone have any experience with...
  5. Lawrence

    This Straight Truck...